Game Information

All games for Spring 2024 season are held on Saturdays (April 12th through June 8th), usually between 8:00am and 1:00pm and limited to one game each Saturday for most divisions. 

Spring season games are played at the our Cronin fields.

Fall season games are played at Shorewood's Four Seasons Park. 

Practice Information

Practices are held in Shorewood and limited to twice a week, no more than 90 minutes each.   The times, dates,  and locations for practices are determined by the coaches.  

Players are encouraged to attend all practices.  All players will play equally during the games regardless of how many practices they attend.  Coaches will not exclude players from playing in games due to not attending practices.

Coaches SHALL NOT practice or scrimmage on game fields at any time.  If a team is caught using the game fields every coach , along with the team parent, shall forfeit their $100.00 volunteer fees.