Registration Fees

The current registration fees are:

  • $50 for U5 players

  • $70 for U6 players

  • $110 for U8, U10, U13, or U16 players

PAY IN FULL: You will be charged full registration fees upon conclusion of the registration process.

VOLUNTEER FEE: You will be charged $1 up front and if you do not complete your volunteer requirements by the end of the season your card will be charged an additional $100 on July 10, 2023.  

Late Fees

Beginning February 26th, 2024, all registration charges will include a late fee of $25.  Players registering on February 26th or after are NOT guaranteed placement on a team and may be placed on a waiting list.   If a player is not placed on a team, the registration fee (including late fee) will be refunded.

Volunteer fees

A separate fee in the amount of $100.00 per family (no matter the number of players) will be also imposed at the time of registration.  The fee will waived if the family meets the minimum 2-hour volunteer requirement.  Volunteer opportunities are Field Set-up (pre-season and game-day mornings) and concession stand shifts.  These are available through the Sign Up Genius link on our webpage.  Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Parents also receive refunds as their assignments meet the 2 hour requirement.

The success of the Shorewood Soccer League depends on volunteers!  We cannot run the league without them!  Everyone on the Board are volunteers.  We work hard, but we cannot do it alone.  We require the participation of many families to do their part.  All parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer their time in support of League activities. Team positions (coaches and team parents) can be selected during registration.  Families will be notified about Fields and Concession opportunities once they are available.